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The second closest planet to Gartonia , Armenree is teeming with primitive civlizations. There are ancient remnants of what appears to be modern technology, televisions, cellphones, laptops, out of fuel space ships, etc. Curiously enough, most of the inhabitants worship the same deity, Bart . Their religion tells of how when Bart was present on Armenree there was times of peace and learning and magic. Boxes that would let you view whatever you wanted as long as you had the wand, magic peices of metal that let you talk to people on the other side of the globe, and other things. Relics from this time can still be found, some of which are still functional. Sadly this time ended because of The Great War . During The Great War Bart gathered his strongest and most powerful followers into his metal canister and they left for war against giant metal dragons that appeared in the sky. They received aid from the allies of Bart , the people of the city in the sky, the Neptoins . In retribution for their attacks, the home of the giant metal dragons was destroyed by Bart's followers. Unfortunately the giant metal dragons destroyed Bart while he was destroying them, a noble and tragic sacrifice for his people. One other name for Bart is The AI , which stands for Angelic Individual.  They believe that if they can gather enough relics, Bart will resurrect.  This has led to many wars over relics, each wanting to be the one to resurrect Bart in hopes of a reward.