Here are the rules and guidelines for using this wikia:


  1. See that tab up at the top?  The one that says 'Required Reading'?  Mouse over it.  Five links will appear.  Read them-all of them.
  2. You may not use foul language, immoral references, etc. or else your page will be either edited or deleted depending on the content. However use of imagination (such as inventing swear words unique to your planet) is encouraged.
  3. Standard laws of physics, measuring systems, and ways of counting apply unless otherwise stated. If you are going to make up something that defies the laws of physics then go ahead and do so, just remember that they apply to things other than your creation. If you make up your own measuring system then you also have to link the units of measurement to a page that explains them. If you make a different way of counting it must be part of another language which must have a page explaining it. You will be given a one week grace period to create the necessary pages before yours is edited/deleted.
  4. All submissions must be in English.  Submissions that are not in English will be either deleted or edited, depending on content.
  5. Have fun and let your imagination run wild. Make up new planets, suns, cultures, languages, etc. This is a page for excitement and creativity. If you're not having fun then close the page. Just kidding, there are many ways to use this page and have fun doing it!
  6. If you see something that the author of a page was trying to convey, don't edit/delete the sentences that would give that away or explain it.
  7. Be creative! Think up new plants, animals, ways of life. If one is not mentioned it should be assumed that those things are things just like we have here on Earth.