Planet 2.1

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Nepto is the farthest planet from its sun Gartonia . The people who inhabit Nepto are extremely advanced in their technology. Unfortunately they ran out of fuel during The Great War . Their space ships can no longer fly because of this. As a cause of their space ships being grounded they are running out of resources since they don't have the rest of the universe to explore and harvest. Already the people are starting to forsake technology as the nitrolis used to run their power plants is running low and sporatically. Because they destroyed most plant life in favor of electronically grown food, there is not enough food to continue to support their race so they are turning to cannibalism. There have been mass suicides and the leaders are working as hard as they can to try and find a solution. The whole disasters was because of a filing error where incorrect data was filed into the resource moniter. The cities created are Single Building Cities. These cities have every store, utility, and house in one massive building separated into four wings. The housing wing, the commercial wing, the industrial wing, and the utility wing.