SPA stands for the Space Protection Agency and is a galactic reinforcement agency dedicated


to the protection of all life. The agency was founded on Dater by the Zeto-Mans. It is known as the police force of the universe and their motto is "Protect Her Always".

It is often thought that the her in the motto means the universe, but the exact meaning is unknown because the founding fathers of the organization died soon after it's creation.

The organization has a strict set of rules that must be followed by every sentient species, all other creatures are to be protected by the SPA. The rules that the SPA have set are listed in their organization from most to least important. For example, if for some reason a rule must be broken, it is better to break Rule 6 than to break Rule 5.

The Rules:

  1. Each species has the right to own and govern the quadrant(s) that is/has been their native habitat.
    1. Uninhabited quadrants are the property of the SPA. They may be traveled through, but there may be no stops except at SPA approved refueling stations.
    2. There may not be any interference in a quadrant by an outside force other than the SPA.
  2. Do not interfere with Level 4 Stars, as this can cause the creation of a Level 5, a Level 6, or a Level 7 star if done improperly.
    1. If this is done on accident, notify the SPA immediately so that the area can be evacuated and beacons placed.
    2. If this happens, those involved will be fined. This includes witnesses who did not report the incident.
  3. An otherwise uninhabited quadrant housing a planet between or including the Levels 10-13 may not be interfered with in any way, we must allow this life to grow and develop on its own.
  4. Trading vessels must be allowed to peacefully traverse through any quadrants.
    1. Trading vessels may not be outfitted with any sort of armament other than interior defenses.
    2. Trading vessels may not have any goods seized by the owners of the quadrant they are in. However, goods may be seized if they are illegal in that quadrant, and the owners of the trading vessel are attempting to sell them there.
    3. Trading vessels must be clearly marked as such.
  5. All ships must have a working radio system and it must be on and monitored at all times.
  6. A planet between or including the Levels 4-6 are not to be interfered with, and are to be protected for archaeological reasons.