"...The Great War

On March 17, 1287, the skies of Armenree were darkened by the fleet of the Haversokian Empire . The uniquely dragon shape ships of the Haversokians rushed to the initial slaughter of the surprise attack. The artificial intelligence program that used to run the planet of Armenree , which was affectionately nicknamed Bart . Bart immediately sent the army to war, deploying the space ships and imploring for help from us. After much consideration we went to the aid of Armenree with our fleet. While the Armenree people fought valiantly, we carried out most of the war effort ourselves due to our superior technology. The first battle was at their new campground on Armenree where we learned that the attack had a simple motivation. The Haversokian Empire was running out of resources and so were taking what they needed. In a valiant counterattack Bart launched several hundred nuclear missiles at Haversokia. The planet was destroyed. However what remained of the Haversokian Empire's fleet took revenge by destroying Bart's housing unit. We came in and destroyed their ships. Without Bart to control them the Fleet of Armenree now drifts aimlessly in space. We would have helped them if we did not have our own problems to deal with..."

Excerpt from Nepto, A History .

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