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Planet Origins:




The Tralongs live on the planet Nibo , which orbits the sun Lubo. They are the only peaceful race on their planet and have been extradited to a small but beautiful island they named TraThey sing in their ancient language that only a few others, besides the races of Nibo, understand. They only sing but do write down many things in non song form like The History Of Nibo. They are often reffered to as the Teachers of Nibo or the Peace Makers. Their religion is monotheism and everybody of their race is a monotheist. It is very uncommon for a Tralong to have magic but some elders do have it. However, many Tralongs view magic very diffrently because they see magic as doing things like rising the oceans but they themselfes make younglings by singing. The mother and father both sit in a cicrle and sing songs of happiness and joy and focus on their new baby until it starts to grow in front of their eyes.