Hello and welcome to Your Universe Wiki, I hope you are enjoying your visit here. You need some help? Ok, the first part of this help article will be a short intro to tell you what this wiki is about if you know just skip the intro.


If you not quite grasping the cocept of this wiki then listen up. This wiki is a fictional universe wiki where you are the creator. You can creat new worlds, suns, people, aliens anything you like (Within Reason) The articles are written lossely on the adventures and infomation gathered by the human race after they left Earth. For example, The Destroyers got their name from a group of humans who were stranded on their planet.

Must ReadEdit

Please read our community rules before you get started because it contains very important infomation that will help you. After that you can continue to the rest of the article.

Creating PagesEdit

Now you have read the community rules you are ready to create your universe. You can start by editing a pre-existing page, making a red link page or starting a whole new star. Decide what you want to do then find out how to in the article below.

How To Create A PageEdit

To mae a page follow these steps:

  1. At the top of the page there should be a grey tab called contribute click on it
  2. Then select add a page.
  3. A box should pop up enter the name of the page in the box that says What do you want to call it?
  4. Then selet a page format and click the red add a page button.
  5. Now you can edit your page


To make a star page follow these steps:

  1. Decide on your star's name and create a page
  2. Go to Template:Star click edit and copy the source info and paste it into your new page's source.
  3. Edit the infomation like the title, image, celestrila, stellar and quadrant infomation where it says 'Here By Clicking View Source.'
  4. Add a description of what happened on the planet was it bombed, is it peacful, are there just animals?
  5. Save you edit by click publish and your done.